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Beloved November

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So, October ends amid candy corn comas, pump­kin guts and witches’ cack­les and November begins.

A study in con­trasts: October and November. Spooky lawn dec­o­ra­tions and loud cos­tumes in your face […]

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Feeling…better. I was wiped out by the flu last week – so much so, that for a cou­ple of days the idea of ris­ing from bed and get­ting my daugh­ter to school […]

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Motivation Monday — Pick Wisely

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Untan­gling your­self from drain­ing peo­ple can be trou­ble­some – espe­cially if you’re not in the busi­ness of going around hurt­ing feelings.

Drainers don’t want to let go because here’s what they get from […]

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How Will You Finish This Year?


Years ago in my twen­ties, I landed a pretty good job with a seem­ingly robust com­pany. The posi­tion had decent growth poten­tial and man, I was grate­ful I was going […]

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